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Guys, we had so much fun. It was really fun.
You guys have a great product !!!!!

About us

Shady Bastards Entertainment is an interactive theater group that specializes in team-based events. We have a variety of themes and situations from swashbuckling pirates to guests at a comic book convention and every holiday and decade in between. We even create custom shows to fit any kind of event. 

Our latest show,  "A Wicked Pissah Murder" takes place during the annual Boston hometown pride festival, Beanpocalypse, where someone is murdering the contestants and it's up to you to solve the case along with Detective Doenutz and his cousin Chelsea from Revere.

We also have our 1980s themed murder mystery,

'A Totally Tubular 80s Murder' will turn back time while you serve "Saturday detention" with Principal Shartz and everyone's favorite art teacher, Ms. Syndi Lawper (no relation) to solve the crime of who is killing the students of Nancy Reagan High School. 

We also have our pirate themed show "High Seas Whodunnit" where someone is killing the famous and not so famous pirates of history and pop culture and you try to solve the case with Admiral Scurvy and Blursula the Sea Bitch. 


Some of the other shows we have are our Christmas themed show; "A Very Murder Christmas" where it's Santa's birthday and we're throwing him a roast to celebrate, but someone is killing the guests at his party and you help Detective Sugar Plum Fairy and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come solve the case. 


And finally we have our Halloween themed show;

"Halloween Whodunnit?" shows, where you work as a team to solve a series of murders that happen on 'Halloween night' with Detective Holly Ween and The Great Spooktini. 


But Shady Bastards Entertainment is so much more than murder mysteries.

We're improv performers with a combined 40+ years of experience interacting with crowds and patrons of all ages to bring you the best entertainment we can offer. 

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